Dreamers in the “Not New York Times” summer reading list

“If you are person who loves books, you’ve probably already seen the famed New York Times summer reading list which Janet Maslin posted May 21. If you are a person who loves social media, you’ve probably seen the ruckus that ensued.
NYT Summer Reading List Finally Achieves 100 Percent Whiteness squawked Gawker’s headline on May 24, and soon many others followed suit. Salon piled on two days ago, saying the only-white-authors aspect of the list wasn’t its only problem. If Maslin hadn’t known it before, she knows now that everyone is a critic. The thing is … the NYT list is glaringly white”.

After realizing this Sabrina Vourvoulias, managing editor of AL DÍA News Media, decided to create another list.

“As it happens, many of my favorite authors fit into that demographic, but an equal or greater number of my favorite authors do not”, she said. “So here is the selection of recent releases and soon to be released books I’m looking forward to reading this summer. All of them — unapologetically — by Latino writers”.

And we are happy to say that Dreamers, an immigrant generation’s fight for their American Dream, is on that list 🙂

Check the complete list by clicking on the image below. Happy Summer reading!



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